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  • Hello dear NetzUnity community,

    to every new project, company, forum or other belongs a suitable introduction. In this introduction I would like to tell you briefly who I am, what NetzUnity is and what it should become in the future.

    Briefly to me:

    I am Maximilian Rupp, 21 years young and come from the beautiful Saarland (Germany). I am a big forum lover, one knows me certainly from the one or other forum. Besides NetzUnity I am currently building my own hosting company, my own hosting company has always been my big dream. Now I am making this dream come true. I like to work with servers, learn new technologies and am always open for new/additional projects. I am time flexible and have plenty of time for my projects, which is why I can implement my ideas/plans.

    What is NetzUnity:

    We want to build a forum around webmaster topics (server, hosting, SEO, software, graphic design, programming....) and hardware. It should not only be a pure forum, we would like to build a real website with AppStore (more will come), WIKI.... in the long run. We want to create a platform that is a contact point for end users who are looking for support or want to educate themselves, graphic designers, developers, IT people, computer scientists and many more.

    I am of course aware that there are several forums with the same topics and also with it a new forum at the beginning always has quite difficult. Nevertheless I believe in NetzUnity and am happy about any support. You as a user can help us to jump together to the next level. Recommend us, create new discussion topics and discuss actively.

    In the forum scene, I have unfortunately had to experience that many forums have closed their doors or many administrators have completely withdrawn and let the forum run empty (As archives). What I personally find a pity, you invest a lot of time as a user in creating topics / posts and in the end the forum is simply closed and everything is gone. This is quite annoying and I can only say here that no matter what will come I want to keep the project alive.

    We wish everyone here a lot of fun, be curious what will come.

    Jump with us to the next level!

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